April Fools day Ideas 2016:

April 1st is celebrated as April Fools day. Today here we are going to find latest Best April Fools day ideas to Prank people, friends and neighbours. These Prank ideas will definitely help you to make laugh. In April Fool day everybody wants to Prank others. Especially the children like to prank others. Many of the young people also wanted to Prank others. But when we did many Pranks in our childhoods means the April fools day become boring. Not only in the USA, there are many country people waiting to Prank others on April 1st day.

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Best April 2016 Fool Day Ideas:

Flip everything in your house:

This Prank is very helpful to Prank your family members. This is like Flip Wallclocks, Frame images, Decors in walls and TV top things. You should flip all the main things before you go slept in March 31st. When your family members woke up then suddenly they feel like weird and their facial expression should be different.

Add salt to Tea or Coffee instead of sugar:

Add some salt in the tea or coffee and serve your friends or family. By doing this you should get Prank anybody. This is the best idea. When I was studying in college, I did the same to my friend and make fun with everyone by joining other friends.

Give empty pockets of snacks:

Little hearts, Kurkure, KiKat or Anything. Fill up with something else other than the original items in the pockets. By doing this you should Prank easily by anyone. This is one of the best ideas to Prank anybody.

Add some colors in the Water Tank:

Add some colors in bathroom water tank (Once you finished bath). Your Brother, Sister, wife or Husband gets easily Pranked by this idea. After they opened shower, they should get angry with you. At the time record their voice in the bathroom and after that play that music and enjoy with your family members.

Make Food with weird items:

Add Sugar into your morning food and serve with your husband. He should get Pranked. Once he eats the food, his facial expression should change. You took the video that and make fun.

Hope you like these Best April Fools day Ideas 2016, Funny, Hilarious, Unique, Latest Collections. Stay tuned for more April Fool 2016 Ideas.

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